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Well here we go! The website is up and running! It has been a long time coming and very exciting. Down Range has been selling on Ebay for about 3 years now with a very good customer support. So a big thank you to all of you that have supported us to this point!

We have several new parts coming out. New charging handles for the Hi Point carbine. They are made to use 3 orings for a great grip and come in plain, black, red, and green colors.

We also have new AR platform thread protectors from pencil barrel to bull barrel. New muzzle brakes are being machined right now so they will be on here soon as well.



1 thought on “Hello Everyone

  1. I have purchased several products from you for my Hi Point 40 cal. rifles. The only issue I have with the rifles, is the trigger pressure. I’ve searched for a replacement trigger for the rifles to no avail. Are you planning on fabricating any trigger parts?
    I’m sure other owners of Hi Point rifles would be interested.
    Keep the products coming.


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